New release of Astra S-Nesting software

Software solutions for shipbuilding. Technos, Mykolayiv-based IT company, has released Astra S-Nesting 4.0, the updated version of its true-shape nesting software. The new version addresses the needs of a design agency which works as an outsource with several shipbuilding yards at once. In particular, the features of data import and export as well as reporting have been upgraded.

The function of data import and export and reporting has been upgraded. New features were added including remnant calculations in a ship layout, new command codes for line markings, including for Messer Griesheim plasma cutting machines.

Astra S-Nesting – true shape nesting software. To accomplish this, Astra S-Nesting offers the following capabilities: import parts from the DXF files, automatically nest true shape parts, quickly and precisely edit nesting layouts, automatic calculate and edit cutting tool path, print report and output NC-data to CNC cutting machine.

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